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I welcome you to the Medical Education Development Unit page of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. The Medical Education Development Unit (MEDU) of the College of Medicine University of Lagos, was created in June2011, under the provostship of Professor Oluwole Atoyebi after approval by the Academic board of the College and ratification by the Court of Governors. Professor Christy Okoromah was appointed as the first acting director and she headed the unit till2016.She was succeeded by Professor Olufeyi A. Adegoke who headed the unit from 2016 to December 2019 with Professor Bose Afolabi as her deputy. Professor Amam Mbakwem took over as Director in January 2020 with Professor Adetola Daramola as the Deputy Director. The current core members of the unit, their specialties and Research focus and the administrative staff are as listed below: The main goal of MEDU is to promote Excellence, professionalism and scholarship in Medical Education at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. The terms of reference given to the unit at inception are as follows:-

1. To foster excellence in Teaching and lecturing through interaction, scholarship, and best practices across the continuum of Medical Education.
2. To organize regular workshops, conferences and symposia on research Methodologies, grants proposals.
3. To design Medical and Dental Curriculum, Courses and integration of programmes taught at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idi-Araba.
4. To undertake pedagogic medical educational research that will lead to the development of faculties and Departments in the College of Medicine ,Idi-Araba.
5. To handle other matters that will ensure that the curriculum of the programmes in the College of Medicine ,Idi-Araba are student centered, problem based, competency and community-oriented. 6. To assist in the successful implementation of the MBBS/BDS SPICCES Curriculum

To facilitate the achievement of the above goals the unit has been subdivided into six subunits:-

1. Curriculum Design and evaluation
2. Assessment.
3. IT and E-learning.
4. Faculty development.
5. Foundation of Medicine
6. Scholarship and publication.

The first mandate of the unit was to midwife the birth and implementation of the new SPICCES (Student-centered, Problem based, Integrated, Competency based, Community Oriented, Electives and Systematic) curriculum following review of the old curriculum. This mandate has been realized and the first set of students of the SPICCES curriculum are expected to graduate by 2024.

The Unit has also organized :
1. Different faculty development workshops and sensitization Seminars on the new SPICCES curriculum to ensure a smooth take off and implementation.
2. Four structured orientation programmes (OMT) and White Coat ceremonies have been successfully organized by the unit since its inception.
3. Faculty development workshop for new lecturers at the CMUL. and Faculty of clinical Sciences.

Upcoming events being planned by the unit include:
1. Orientation programme (OMT) and White Coat ceremony for all new students admitted into the programmes at the college of Medicine, University of Lagos.
2. Faculty development Workshop for all faculty members in the College of Medicine.
3. Development of online MEPIN generated course modules for new faculty members.
Prof Amam C. Mbakwem

(MBBS,FWACP,FACC,FESC,FNCS,Cert in Medical Education).
Research Focus: Heart failure, Peripartum cardiomyopathy, Hypertensive heart diseases

2nd Floor, ICH/OLD Dental Block College of Medicine, University of Lagos Idi-Araba, Lagos OR Room 113, Department of Medicine College of Medicine, University of Lagos Idi Araba, Lagos.