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The Alumni ‍ ‍Class of 1981 has donated Fourteen (14) pieces of books to the College, titled “A Companion to Medical Students and Doctors”.

The book was written by Dr. Inyang A. Ukot who is a member of 1981 Set.

Dr. Inyang A. Ukot whose academic qualifications include MBBS (Lagos), FMCGP, FWACP(Gmp), DOccMed (London) is a Chief Consultant, Family Medicine Medical Director, RST Clinics Ltd, Uyo, Nigeria. He is also the Author of “Medicine in the Frontline” and was formerly the Head, Out-Patients Department, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt.

He is a Chief Consultant at theDepartment of Family Medicine, University of Uyo  and Teaching Hospital, Uyo the and Coordinator of Training, Faculty of Family Medicine, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, Ijanikin, Lagos Nigeria.

The Provost, Prof. F.E.A. Lesi on behalf of the Management, staff and students warmly appreciates the Alumni Class of 1981 for their generous donations to the College.

In his bid to ensure the smooth running of affairs of the College despite the challenges faced and occasioned by the paucity of fund; the Provost, Prof.  F.E.A. Lesi on Wednesday, 24th October, 2018 held a meeting with the Medilag Parents Forum in the Old Great Hall of the College.

The meeting was to discuss several issues relating to the independent Power Project (IPP); the funding and sustainability of the project which has helped to improve power supply in the CMUL/LUTH community over the past months.

While welcoming the parents of the students of the College who were have gathered to discuss on several issues that bordered on the cost implications and sustainability of the electricity supply in the College as regards the Independent Power Project (IPP), which has helped to improve immensely the power supply in the CMUL/LUTH community over the past months.

The Provost, Prof. Lesi enjoined Parents to assist the College with the high cost of providing electricity through the Independent Power Project and ensuring that the IPP is sustained by contributing their quotas.

Earlier the Provost has in a Power point presentation informed the Parents about the vision and mission of the College, highlighting its achievements and challenges. He then urged the Parents’ Forum to support the College to actualise its vision to be and remain a world class Medical College.

In their response, the parents commended the Management of the College for their achievements and unflinching efforts towards moving the College forward in spite of the challenges particularly in the area of funds. They pledged to support the College in their own little way and appealed to the management to work out modalities as to enable them know what exactly their contributions will be.

On the same day, the Provost, Prof. Lesi met with the Students in the College in the New Great Hall where he briefed the students on the efforts put up by the management of the College to sustain the laudable Independent Power Project in spite of the high cost of providing constant supply of electricity through the IPP scheme. He told the students of the need of funding and sustaining the IPP as token will be required as payment from the students in order to ensure that the constant electricity supply through the IPP does not got stalled due to lack of funds.