Opening Hours : Mondays To Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.


Medilag Consult was set up by the college of Medicine of the University of Lagos in 1994 to provide college staff and non- college staff the opportunity to participate in Research, Training and Technical consultancy to enhanced Value, Operational support and Mutual profitability for individuals and The College of Medicine.



 The objective of Medilag Consult which was set up in 1994 are;

  • Organizing seminars
  • Organizing courses for health services personnel
  • Offering advice on health related matters
  • Offering other consultancy services approved by the board of consult



  The present structure of the Medilag Consult is divided into 3:

  • The chairman ( College Provost)
  • Medilag Consult Management board with a Director as appointed by the Provost of the College of Medicine University of Lagos as the head.
  • College Secretary.
  • Medilag Consult Staff members.



Medilag consult occupies and maintain 3 offices, 2 well furnished training rooms namely; Seminar room with2a 25persons  sitting capacity and the a conference room with 33 persons sitting capacity.  Also the College of Medicine Alumni Hall is available for larger capacity.

We have carried out some successful trainings over the years of long and short duration courses which are;

  1. Professional diploma in Gynecology and Ultrasonography ( C.U.R.E)
  2. Health safety and Environmental management.
  3. Hospital Management / Hospital management and administration
  4. Basic certificate course in Electroencephalography (E.E.G)
  5. Intensive certificate course in Malaria Microscopy/ effective malaria fever cases management for nurses and other health practitioners.
  6. Certificate of proficiency in Basic infection control
  7. Emotional intelligences and leadership skills.
  8. Multidisciplinary approach in management of Halitosis
  9. Workshop on forensic odontology
  10. Risk, Crisis, Emergency and disaster management.
  11. Professional diploma in Occupational Safety and health management.
  12. The law and patient care.
  13. Certificate in oral Medicine.

We are registered as a limited liability company since2018. We are in partnership with;

  1. OMCG Consulting LTD – The outreach medical services ltd and Medilag Consult have jointly owned  company named Cerebra Medical intelligence (C.M.I)
  2. CCRN – Centre for Clinical care and clinical research  Nigeria
  3. Infoskills Konsult plus limited – Foremost information and skills acquisition resources center for excellent performance ICT.

We also have some laboratories running under Medilag Consult which are;

  1. Prenatal diagnosis and Therapy centre.
  2. HPV DNA Testing for cervical cancer screening.
  3. Immuohistochemistry and Histopathology services – It provides information about the Histogenesis of tumors as well as well as useful information on prognostic features of tumors.

We have several resource professional experts that are committed to the standards in the organization of courses/ workshops to advance education and training needs in medical specialties.

We provide the following services and technical assistances to serve you better;

  1. Proposal development: We offer support for the writing of your workshop proposals.
  2. Budget preparation and Execution: We prepare a cost-effective budget and see to its thorough execution, also is a 5% accrued margin solely for course procurers is included in the budget preparation.
  3. Marketing and Follow up: We devote the needed strategy in advertising courses and workshops, printing of fliers and posters as required. We also solicit for participation from both private and commercial institutions. We ensure that our courses enjoy optimal participants response.
  4. Logistic/ Event management: We provide logistics in terms of venue arrangement, standard training environment,procurement of stationery and course materials.
  5. Feedback: In order to serve you better, we have a feedback mechanism which caters for ensuring constructive growth, comments and suggestions from both participants and faculty.

We assure you of the success of your workshops, seminars, trainings and laboratory services with exceptional professional support services. Thank you.


Prof. A.A Oremosu  – 08059222269  (Director Medilag Consult)

Akinnagbe Dolapo.B – 08033348907 (Operation officer Account)

Oladoja . Ayodeji – 08034896980 (Admin Officer)