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Alumni Newsletter

Welcome to the College of Medicine, University of Lagos Alumni Newsletter designed to ensure your ties to MEDILAG last well beyond graduation. Kindly use this avenue to keep in touch with old friends and classmates, post class notes, update your contact information and have some fun with photos and trivia. Stay connected to your alma mater and traditions as they are passed down to new generations and keep the MEDILAG school spirit alive with your continued involvement and support.

As an alumnus(a) of the institution, you will have access to our Alumni Community, be in receipt of our alumni publications - our Online Alumni Newsletter. We will strive to keep you informed of alumni activities, programs and events, news about fellow classmates, faculty and on-campus programs, as well as topics of interest to what alumni have done with them.

Please keep us appraised of your current address, share your story and your career achievements by updating your contact information on our webpage on the College website so we can proudly report them in our publications.