• Membership with full privileges is open to:
    • Members of the Court of Governors
    • Students and staff of CMUL
  • Associate membership is open to students, trainees, staff of the Faculties and institutes of the University of Lagos and any other person approved by the Medical Librarian or the Library Committee where necessary.
  • Temporary membership shall apply to persons admitted by the Medical Librarian on temporary basis.


  • Eligible members will be issued a Library Card after completing the necessary forms at the Circulation Desk.
  • CMUL/LUTH staff are required to obtain letters of introduction from their Heads of Department.
  • The Library Card should be kept safe at all times. Library users will be expected to show their Library Cards on request by any Library staff. Failure to produce the Library Card on request may deny a user of Library services.

Loss of Identification Card

  • The sum of ₦200.00 is payable for the replacement of lost Library Card. This amount is subject to review from time to time.