Open Access Loan

  • Books to be borrowed must be properly checked out at the Loans Desk. The safe custody and return of the books thereafter become the responsibility of the borrower. Loans transactions are to be done in person.
  • A user may, however, borrow through his agent provided the agent presents a duly signed request along with the borrower’s Library card and I.D. card for the loan.

Short Loan

  • Books in the Reference and Reserve Sections are to be used only within the Library.
  • However, books on reserve are to be borrowed for an initial period of two hours, renewable on hourly basis provided they are not needed by another user. A reserve book so renewed can be recalled at any time if needed by another user.
  • Current journals are not for loan and therefore cannot be taken out of the Library. Back issues may be borrowed over-night on request and approval by the Reference Librarian.

Loans Entitlement

  • Academic and senior members of staff and postgraduate students are entitled to borrow a maximum of six books at a time for a period of four weeks.
  • Associate members, undergraduate students and junior staff of CMUL are entitled to borrow a maximum of four books at a time for a period of four weeks.

Renewal of Loans

  • All loans (except short loans) are renewable for the same period as the original loan unless requested for by another user.
  • Renewal may be made by presenting books physically at the Loans Desk or by post, written note, or by telephone.


  • Any book on loan may be reserved by any library user. The user must complete a reservation form and will be notified as soon as the book is available.
  • A book will be reserved for three days from the date of the notification. Where the user fails to collect the book within the period, the reservation right will cease.
  • Borrowers wishing to be notified of the availability of a book reserved shall be required to pay the cost in advance.

Inter-Library Loans

  • Materials required by users and not available in the library may be obtained for the user through inter-library loan, both within and outside Nigeria. Fees will be charged for such services as appropriate.
  • Any user wishing to enjoy this facility will fill the appropriate form giving all details of the item required. The form should be handed to the officials at the Circulation /Reference Desk for necessary processing. The user will be informed when the required item is available for collection.
  • Copies of journal articles obtained through inter-Library loans are made available on request for consultation within the library.
  • Requestors, who wish to obtain photocopies of same, will fill the Photocopy request form obtainable at the Reference Desk and pay for the material to be photocopied.

Recall of library materials

  • A book renewed can be recalled at any time within the renewal period and should be returned immediately.
  • Any book recalled must be returned within three days of the date of recall.
  • Users should return all library materials before leaving Lagos for annual leave, semester vacation, and sabbatical/training Leave.

Overdue Books & Fines

  • Books must be returned promptly on or before the date due.
  • Notice will be sent: If books are not returned within six weeks after the notice such books will be deemed to be lost.
  • Fines will be charged for books overdue at the rate of N00 per day per book together with the cost incurred in reminding the reader of the overdue.
  • Reserve books kept overdue will attract fines of N00 per day
  • A borrower keeping any library book overdue or has any outstanding fines will be denied further loan until the books are renewed or returned and the fines settled accordingly.
  • Any user consistently keeping books overdue will be blacklisted with immediate effect and may be suspended as the Library Committee deems fit.

Damaged & Lost Books

Damaged books

  • The person responsible for the damage of a book will be required to pay an estimated cost of repairs not exceeding the current cost of the book.

Lost Books

  • Cost of replacement of a lost book will be calculated at the current price of the title plus a nominal charge to cover administrative costs.
  • The cost of replacement must be settled before the user is allowed to use the facilities of the library.

Fines cease to accrue on library materials reported lost. Material later found and returned will have fines re-imposed from the date due until return.