The College of Medicine of the University of Lagos has inducted 106 doctors comprising 91 Medical and 15 Dental Surgeons on Monday, August 14, 2017 in the New Great Hall of the College.

The College Secretary, Oladejo Azeez, Esq., in his address congratulated the inductees for their successful completion of their course in the College. He urged them to be worthy ambassadors of the College as they practice what they have learnt over the years. He also welcomed and congratulated their parents for their accomplished feat of their wards.

The Provost, Professor F. E. A. Lesi in his speech congratulated the Medical and Dental Surgeons for their excellent performance in the College throughout their study. He urged them to be change agents as they should strive to know more and learn from others while practicing the profession as doctors since they alone cannot render the services needed in the health system. He also urged them to imbibe the ability to work in team adding that with the kind of training they have had in the College, there are many paths for them to excel in the profession. He charged them to seek after acquiring more knowledge in advancing the frontiers of medical practice as to update their knowledge with current information in the profession.

In his speech, the guest speaker, Dr. Kunle Onakoya, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Lagoon Hospital, Lagos captioned his lecture: Oasis of Excellence urged the new Medical and Dental Doctors to be mindful of the three principles with which they will be guided while practicing the profession. These include: Ethics; Focus with emphasis on adding value to themselves and self believe. According to him, the newly inducted doctors must ensure that they practice the Profession based on best practice globally for excellence. He also urged the inductees to strive for excellence in the Profession. He admonished the new doctors to put up their best in the practice of the profession as to abide by the ethics. He also advised them to add value to themselves as they have been equipped during the course of their training in the College stressing that they should add value to their degree in order not to become Obsolete. He also enjoined them to have self-belief in order to be oasis of excellence in the profession, noting that it does not matter which environment or states they found themselves, they must strive to belief on themselves that they can achieve excellence in their practice.

The highlight of the event was the Oath-Taking and Affirmation Ceremony which was administered by the Provost, Prof. Lesi to the New Medical and Dental Surgeons alongside with the presentation of Certificates and Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) rules to them.

In addition, there was presentation of Prizes to the best graduating students in the various Categories ranging from Provost’s Prize (Medicine/MBBS) and (Dentistry/BDS); Dean’s Prizes and many others.

Present at the occasion include the Deputy Provost, Prof. S.R.A, Akinbo, Deans of Faculties: Prof. J.D. Adeyemi (Clinical Sceinces), Prof. O.O. Sofola (Dental Sciences) represented by Prof. W.L. Adeyemo and Prof. A.O. Magbagbeola (Basics Medical Sciences) among others.