The statutory Academic Staff Assembly of the College of Medicine was held on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at the Old Great Hall. The Provost, Professor F.E.A. Lesi welcomed the Academic and Senior Non-Teaching Staff to the meeting. He congratulated those that were promoted as full Professors and also introduced the new Academic staff present.

The Provost introduced Caroline and Judie who are journalists from South Africa working with “The Conversation” (A Web based Platform) to give a short presentation on Academic Visibility to the Assembly. The Conversation is a Web based platform for Academicians who intend to showcase their articles on the World Wide Web. It is a non-profit organization which doesn’t demand payment from academicians who post articles on its page. This medium enables professionals of different specialties to exhibit their work and to collaborate with one another.

The Provost highlighted some of the giant strides recorded under his administration such as the Alumni High Table Dinner hosted by the College to raise funds for the rejuvenation of the College of Medicine facility. He also mentioned that as a follow-up to the event, the Management secured a donor to build a multi-purpose Animal House and Research Centre. He also stated that several other donors that made pledges have started redeeming their pledges.

The Provost also mentioned that the College of Medicine grant: Building Research and Innovation in Nigeria’s Science (BRAINS), has assisted both the Junior and Senior faculty to develop their research capacity and link them up with foreign collaborators to maximize their potentials.

He assured all staff that the challenges ahead may be herculean but they are not insurmountable. The Provost congratulated the new Registrar of the University of Lagos, Oladejo Azeez, Esq who was the erstwhile College Secretary. He also congratulated the new College Secretary, Mr. Olayinka Obafemi-Moses and the new Director of Finance, Mr. Simeon Akinade.

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